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Web Installations old and new: A Fourth Way Comics origins story

Now and again someone asks us about the origins of Fourth Way Comics. Anyone who flips through one of our publications will see that these aren’t traditional graphic novels or comics. These are something other. In terms of the way they are created, they are other. In terms of the end result, they are other. And in terms of the experience you have reading them, we hope they are refreshingly other. So where do we come from? We are from the deep uproarious well of sound, of music, of noise. We are of the word, constructed, deconstructed, wiggled loose of fixed meaning like an achy tooth. And we are of the image, static or moving, visual poetry forged from fragments of the world around us. In times of yore, as now, we made web installations from startling combinations of text, image, and sound. Eventually, because we love reading graphic novels we began experimenting with creating our own. It was a new outlet for our creative process, one that we are ever so pleased with. The only difficulty, of course, is that when you open a comic, there is no sound. Our remedy? Release an accompanying cd, as in the case of Man With A Gun. But are you aware that there is a Man With A Gun web installation as well? See it here: Its creation was an integral part of the process that also yielded the print comic and cd. Be sure to look carefully at each page, because while the content relates to the comic, it stands on its own. We play in a variety of ways. To illustrate that point I invite you to also check out these recent gems: Circle Turn Around And for a blast from our primordial past check out: This site is full of interactive installations built from found sound and photographs. The various street corner named installations are built from photos and found sound captured at those SF locations. Labyrinth Nov.6 takes a similar approach with raw material gathered at the Cajalco Labyrinth in Corona, Ca. 24 Paths and Crossword were each reaped from a completely different process and stand apart both from each other and the other installations on this site. This is where we come from. From process and combining disciplines and an endless remix. We hope you enjoy the web installations. We’ll keep sharing them as we create them, so check back for more in the near future.

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