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Big WOW! Comic Fest 2013

We had a sensational time at Big WOW! this weekend. It was fantastic to see familiar faces and equally lovely to meet new acquaintances. Thanks to everyone who came out and made it a special weekend! On Saturday Charlie Corriea joined us as our joint project Tale With A Soul debuted at the Fourth Way Comics booth. Imagine our mutual surprise and joy when we sold out before 5pm Saturday! Tale With A Soul is Charlie's first project with us and the first comic he's ever created. Talk about auspicious beginnings! We'll order a second printing soon so that those who missed out on Saturday can order their own copy. In the mean time, we hope you'll check out some of Charlie's work with animation here: We were very pleased to bring new items to the table this year such as 1/2 inch buttons with images created by RFCL from the brand new "Man With A Gun" comic and cd. We also offered a limited edition double sided poster that featured a page from the comic on one side and a new work of art commemorating our presence at BIG WOW! on the other. We have just 9 of 20 left, so if you were at the show but ran out of dough before you could pick one up, look for it in our shop! It's hard to get away from the booth, but we still managed to take in some of the sites. Highlights for me included meeting one of my favorite characters, Scarecrow, on Sunday. Alas, that I didn't beg for a photo with this particular Scarecrow! I was overwhelmed by this cos player's absolute commitment to the role. He not only looked the part, but played it! I was also endlessly delighted by some art that depicted cats as various popular comic book characters. Yes, I realize I'm sick. Thankfully Dr. Crane is always willing to listen... I also hugged R2D2. Kid me would wet her pants with glee if she knew what the future had in store for her. I feel like that's all for now. It's time for me to slip back into the coma that has to follow such an explosion of sensory stimulus.

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